How it works:

The average pages in portfolio @ A2 = 20 pages.
You purchase 1 ticket from our website with the paper type you would like & keep until your are ready to print. Any extra or less pages you have, we’ll honour the 40% discount on those pages too. You have 14 days to change your mind, no questions asked.

If you have a 30 page portfolio, or 2 portfolios with 25 pages, we’ll still grant you 40% on those extra pages. The discount applies to All large format prints - A1’s and A0’s.

This ticket is solely for one person, and only one person can use it. Buying the ticket gives you our pledge for the discount for supporting us during this early time. 

Max Ticket: 1 Per Person.

If you have multiple sizes, such as A1 or A3, we'll calculate the cost accordingly with the discount. eg: 2 x A2's will make 1 x A1.

This offer only applies to large-format printed portfolios - Books, Portfolio boxes, business cards and other printing material are excluded from the discount.

As submissions have become online, We would like to help by making a Pledge Sale to anyone that would like a physical copy of their portfolio. Whether it’s for memento, interviews or to show family, its something special.


Like many businesses that have been impacted by Covid-19, We as a small business will continue to make effort through these tough times, and know many students are effected.

Therefore, We would like to offer 40% off of prints through a Ticket Pledge Sale.

There is no expiry date to your Pledge Ticket, However, we've set the terms below for your peace of mind & ours : 
1) You can use your ticket anytime after you purchase to get your 20 A2 sheets.
2) The 40% discount off extra prints will Last until 30th July 2020. (As this is the last month of submissions for the academic year.)
3) If you don’t use the voucher to print for this academic year, you can still put the value of it towards future prints. This can be used as credit towards other printing eg: book printing, portfolio boxes and more. 

There are a limited number of tickets are available!

Thank you to all of whom have supported us. We look forward to serving you again.

Pledge Ticket Sale